We Build Talent Funnels...
Shortlist of candidates, no matter the level nor the location
Longlist of candidates, anywhere, any role
Talent Maps to decide, discover, learn or strategize your talent sourcing
Recruitment Marketing Toolbox to attract the best active and passive candidates


Stop wasting time (and money) rejecting applications.
 Speak only to the best  prescreened candidates.

Speak with only the best top 10% of your funnel

Monitor your D&I efforts

Compare candidates with data

Keep access to the entire funnel


Cut the sourcing time, drive the engagement measure the conversion,    Engage with profiles at scale 

Feed your recruitment marketing campaigns tools with qualitative and enriched datanly the best top 10% of your funnel

Use validated data for highly customized and multi-channels campaigns

CSV Files format ready to use and adapted to each ATS and CRM


To decide a location strategy, benchmark talent markets or build a sourcing strategy  Access critical talent data 

Build location based sourcing strategies

Decide your strategy location by analysing workforce and competition

Assess cost of labor and competition

Talent Marketing toolbox

We  Create communication assets  to engage with the best talent pools and leverage your employer brand.

Write unbiased and highly effective job postings

Ensure your recruitment tools (Applicant Tracking System and/or Candidates Relationship Management) are providing the best Return On Investment

Convert your employer brand onto effective visuals ready to use on any social media.

Build a high performing recruitment team using Battlecards

Why Choosing Sourceful?

Actionable & Easy
Data provided can be actioned instantly

No extra manipulation, integrates directly within your talent ecosystem
Fast & Scalable
Lists are provided in few hours depending complexity of the search

Scale easily to multiple roles and/or locations
Cost Effective
Pay per list and no extra cost when candidate hired

Reduce cost per hire

About Us

The sourcing transformation started already more than 20 years ago with the raise of social networks. The recruitment industry will be changed for ever.

Since 2006, working with Sourcers and Employer Brand teams we have designed and implemented sourcing and recruitment marketing strategies for Dell, Amazon, Booking, MessageBird, PVH, PayFit, HelloFresh and others to hire more than 18 000 talents in more than 62 countries.

" To reduce risks and costs of hiring wrong candidates, focussing on processes and tools is not enough. You need first and formost the best candidates already at the start of the process."  - Gilles Stephan, Founder

That is why we dedicate our passion and craftmanship to building talent funnels.

Sourceful was created in 2022 to be the first recruitment firm building talent funnels using data and marketing models.