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New Docs - 🟧 heystacks

Jiggy Capital Financial Watchlist

finance, investing, technology, Tesla

A spreadsheet with financial performance of various top companies, grouped by sector. Includes various financial metrics and trends. By @jiggycapital

Growing DAOs

cryptocurrency, crypto, DAO, organisations, programming, management, DeFi

Overview of what DAOs are - Decentralized Autonomous Organizations or better yet - "Facebook group with a bank account".


crypto, DeFi, tokens, swaps

These are what I believe to be the best bridging routes without CEX (lowest fees/slippage) and bridges for each network.

Diverse speakers in STEM lists

anti-racism, science, STEM, diversity

Plenaries, keynotes, seminar speakers, and panelists are predominantly white and/or male. This is largely because the organizers are often white and/or male. If you are organizing an event, please consider the diversity of your organizers and speakers.

Minecraft Advancements Checklist



Tumblr's Banned Words

social media, censorship, Tumbl, blogging

A list of banned words on Tumbl.

Forming a DAO in an Evolving Web2/Web3 World

cryptocurrency, DAO, organisations, management, web3

DAOs are taking over the world. A piece about how they are formed and structured today and what future might look like. By @AlexandraSukin

Autism resources masterdoc

mental health, autism, neurodiversity, resources, learning

Resources for both #ActuallyAutistic people who want to have more compassion and understanding for ourselves as well as loved ones who want to understand us better, please suggest resources to add!

DRAFT: How to get started in the Ethereum Ecosystem

cryptocurrency, crypto, ETH, web3, DeFi

How can I learn about the ecosystem and gain skills? How can I contribute to the ecosystem? How can I find paid work?

NoFoodAfterMidnight's EFT Ammo and Armor Charts

games, Escape from Tarkov, EFT, items

Escape from Tarkov ammo and armour charts. By @food_eft